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Daniels Farma Midland Agriculture is a department of the Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry and aims to support the food and drink industries, focusing especially on the promotion of the traditional gastronomy and the historically important agricultural products that comprise with healthy Mediterranean diet.

The Exhibition Hall, which is locate herein, has a plethora of Daniels Farma aims to provide the gateway for canadian processors and manufacturers to promote their products in Canada, New Zealand, UK and world wide markets.

Daniels Farma  offers the complete service package regarding agricultural needs - including judical advice, real estate agency, contract farming and complete farm- and plant management. Our main focus area is Eastern Europe. 

Our long lasting experience and highly skilled employees as well as our contacts to officials and partner companies on side ensure the successful completion of your projects and your needs.

Daniels Farma Midland Agriculture is driven by growth, whether it is to improve the performance of crops that feed the world responsibly, grow our business, our market share or our earnings. Our commitment to growth and diversification, within a framework of financial discipline, will endure as the cornerstone of our long-term strategy.


We also offers a user-friendly environment, for any visitor to find, select and view the participant companies and their products. Unlike any other conventional food exhibition, the On-Line Exhibition Hall offers a 24hr, 365-day presence in the web and potential customers from around the globe can reach any exhibitor easily.


Promoting your products through our On-Line Exhibition Hall not only provides an efficient low cost tool for creating product awareness but also supports the effort for a generic approach towards the promotion of food and drinks from Canada, Uk & New Zealand. Profile templates for presenting your company on any of the categories displayed on the Exhibition Hall are prepared by the Administrators of the site and may be linked to your web site.

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